Website & Apps, 2017


Musicnotes is your one stop shop for sheet music. Browse through a catalog of over 300,000 arrangements, then view them online or in their apps. In my time with them I redesigned the iOS and Android app interfaces, modernizing them and improving their app store ratings. I also worked on a team that redesigned the musicnotes website.


The goals in redesigning the Android and iOS apps were to allow easier access to the functions that our customers used most, while also updating them to meet modern app styleguides.

Adding a recent songs section to the menu made jumping back in to where you left off easier. We also wanted to add in user requests, such as the ability to play and loop part of the piece, as well as a metronome feature.


I worked primarily in Sketch, as well as in Principle. I used Zeplin to share my mockups with developers.


Ultimately we got very positive feedback from our customers regarding the site redesign, and our app ratings both improved after the redesigns were implemented.