Craig Builders
Website, 2018


Craig Builders is a home builder in Central Virginia with a history stretching back six decades. They pride themselves on their refined, clean style, and needed a website that matched the same level of quality they put into their homes.


Craig Builders needed to replace their old website with a more mobile-friendly one. They wanted it to be more usable than their old one, allowing users to find and navigate to the content they were looking for more quickly than before.

The site also needed to fetch home listing data from their MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Their old site did this, but it was slow, making requests to the MLS every time a page loaded. It also requred URLs to use the MLS number, which wasn't very human-readable.


The new site was built on top of WordPress. I used Advanced Custom Fields to build out a series of modules that could be easily moved around and edited by future site maintainers, while still ensuring that the aesthetic of the site remained intact. I also used Timber in order to build out the site structure using Twig templating. I like Timber because it keeps my theme code cleaner, allowing me to use PHP for the data and logic, and Twig for the display and HTML.


The client was very satisfied with their updated site. They started getting a much higher proportion of mobile traffic, and the number of qualified leads from their site increased dramatically. Check out the site at the link below.